Alisa Lutchenkova is a photographer residing in Turin, Italy. Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1990, Alisa studied at a Waldorf school and later at the Moscow Institute of Art and Industry. In 2009, Alisa began her career as a commercial photographer, and in 2015 she moved to Italy to expand her artistic activities, particularly in portrait photography.After the pandemic, Alisa focused on capturing multi-exposure images. She now lives between Turin and Berlin, working throughout the EU.

ABOUT. Art and commercial photographer in Berlin Alisa Lutchenkova


“Within the realm of my photographic endeavors, I immerse myself in the intricacies of human perception, weaving a narrative that underscores the profound influence of our daily choices on the way we experience the world.

Employing multi-exposure techniques, I unravel these intricacies, motivated by a quest for innovative perspectives in a visually saturated world.For me, the creative process is a dynamic interplay between exploration and observation. It extends beyond the confines of the final image, encompassing a transformative journey of discovery and introspection. 

Every nuance and choice made during this process converges to shape not only the visual narrative but also our evolving dialogue with the world, reinforcing the notion that the act of seeing is a continual and evolving conversation”.


2023  Group Exhibition “Paper Edition” by BAAM at POP KUDAMM art space, Berlin

2023   Group Exhibition BAAM #6, Not A Gallery, Berlin

2023   Group Exhibition BAAM #5, Berlin

2023   Solo Exhibition in Boxi Espresso, Berlin


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