ARTIST STATEMENT. Art and commercial photographer in Berlin Alisa Lutchenkova


In my photography, I am interested in the complex and nuanced ways in which we experience the world. I believe that the way we see things depends on the countless choices we make every day, and I try to explore this idea in my work through the use of multi-exposure techniques. By layering multiple images on top of one another, I aim to create a sense of complexity and depth, inviting the viewer to see beyond the surface of things and consider the deeper meaning of our existence. At the same time, I believe that the act of stopping can be an opportunity to refocus and recalibrate our artistic process. By pausing to check in with my inner compass and to reflect on my work, I am able to make more intentional and meaningful creative decisions.

As an artist working in the age of post-modernism, I am constantly seeking new ways to engage with and express my ideas. My multi-exposure abstract photographs of buildings are a response to the overwhelming abundance of images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. In a world where everything seems to have already been done and captured on film, I believe that it is our task to find new ways of seeing and interpreting the world around us.

My work is inspired by my experiences, including my move to Italy in 2015, and is motivated by a desire to explore different perspectives and to share my vision of the world with others. As an artist, my goal is to create photographs that challenge the viewer’s assumptions and encourage a deeper understanding of the world. For me, the process of exploration and observation is just as important as the final result, and I am always seeking to create photographs that capture the beauty and complexity of the world around us.